About Us

With a background in heating engineering and plumbing, Energycore was set up in 2017 by Seamus Lynch, to offer a new heating system solution to Irish homeowners that would be anchored in trust, transparency and affordability. Seamus felt that the existing suppliers of heating systems weren’t really doing enough for their customers, in terms of delivering a heating system product with proper measurable benefits.

The majority of homeowners are also living in houses that were built prior to the economic crash of 2008, and most of these houses contain mild steel boilers and heating systems that are now much more uneconomical to run, and are draining household resources. Seamus wanted a system that could easily pay for itself within a few years, that could increase the BER rating on a home, and that could be more affordable than existing market offerings, whilst assisting customers in securing government grants and alternative methods of financing.

Seamus researched the market to develop a new engineered system using stainless steel boilers with the latest technologies that could actually deliver this new product to market, one that he feels could be a game changer for Irish households.