Q) What do you do if your boiler breaks down when you need it most?

A) Call Energycore as soon as possible for your best options and get the ball rolling on getting your heating system back up and running. If needed we can assist you with finance, incentives and grants for the most affordable option.

Q) What does zoning your home mean?

A) Zoning your home separates your hot water from your heating, allowing you to have one button for turning on your hot water and one button for turning on your heating independently. This works really well for summer months and being able to heat your hot water from your boiler without your heating system being on which is much more affordable.

Q) What are the benefits of zoning your home?

A) Zoning your home puts you back in control of how you heat your home with the latest time/temperature technology. You can save up to as much as 50% on your heating and hot water bills by controlling what time and what temperature you heat your hot water and heating system to.

Q) What can having a new high-efficiency condensing boiler do for you?

A) Having a high efficiency condensing boiler allows you to operate your boiler at a 10-20 degree lower temperature because they are made of stainless steel and is still more than suitable for heating your home. Saving that 10-20 degrees every time you turn on your boiler can add up to great monetary savings, all unlike standard efficiency boilers which are in most older homes.

Q) Why is renewable energy important?

A) We at Energycore believe renewable energy is the path to the future. Leading by example, we can start to stabilise the resources we use from the planet so that we can leave a cleaner and more intelligent future for the next generation.

Q) What is a solar panel system?

A) Solar Hot Water Heating systems (also known as Solar Thermal) collect light radiation and convert it to heat through the flat plate solar panels on your roof.

The heat is then transferred to the hot water cylinder, heating the domestic hot water within the cylinder, to be used all around your home.

Even on cloudy days there is light radiation from the sun, so the solar panels will receive light radiation each day, the resulting heat in the hot water cylinder is determined by the amount of light collected that day. A Solar Hot Water system is one of the most cost effective and environmentally friendly renewable energy resources available today.

In the summer months, a Solar Hot Water system can actually provide almost all of your hot water needs and around 50% for the rest of the year. This averages out to around 60-70% of the year round domestic hot water requirement produced by free solar energy.

Not only does a Solar Hot Water system save you money, it also reduces your impact on the environment. A typical domestic system can reduce carbon emissions by around half a ton per year. This has become particularly relevant with the introduction of Carbon Tax.

Q) Are there grants available?

A) Yes. Energycore is a Registered Contractor with (SEAI) which means that you can avail of Government Grants to the value of €700 + for a new heating system. This grant is issued under the Home Energy Saving Scheme and includes a full set of automatic controls and new (A) rated boiler. We will be happy to provide information on Grants that may be available to you. Get in touch and we will assist.

Q) Do you install gas boilers also?

A) Yes. Energycore are (RGII) Registered Gas Installers. We install only (A) rated condensing Boilers which are 25% more efficient then a standard boiler. If you install a gas boiler with Energycore you may be entitled to Energy Credits which can result in a repayment of up to €1100. Call us to find out the most affordable option. We also service gas and oil boilers.

Q) Do you install central heating systems?

A) Yes, Energycore install, upgrade and repair central heating systems. We work with Gas, Oil, and Solid fuel heating systems, back boilers, and stoves. We are also HETAS Certified. When Radiators are not heating or only partly heating we can power flush the system or balance it to alleviate the problem.

Q)Why get your gas boiler serviced?


  • It saves you money – it runs more efficiently and reduces your heating costs.
  • Reduces CO2 emissions – benefiting the environment.
  • Gives you peace of mind – improving your boiler’s reliability and safety.
Q) How long approximately will it take to replace my boiler?

A) In most cases, we offer a same day service, as work is usually completed within a day. If required, boiler installation can be completed over two days to fit in with customers schedules and existing commitments.

Q) How long are the guarantees on my new boiler?

A) We supply you with a manufacturer’s guarantee which is between 4 – 10 years depending on make, model and type of boiler.

Q)What is Building Energy Rating (BER)?

A) A building energy rating is a rating on the overall energy efficiency of a building (residential or commercial). The rating is similar to the energy label on your fridge and is denoted on scale of A to G, with A1 being the most energy efficient and G being the least energy efficient.

Up until 2018 , some homeowners who upgraded their old central heating boiler could claim a grant towards the cost of a new boiler – but now the grants are aimed at solar heating and heat pumps instead of boilers.
You can get grants of up to €1200 for solar thermal systems and up to €3500 for heat pump systems.
There are no grants towards the cost of new gas or oil boilers.

Under the Better Energy grant scheme, householders who own a house that was built before 2006 can get a grant of €700 Euro towards the cost of upgrading central heating controls. (Regardless of the type of boiler).
The heating controls upgrade must include –

Two zones (space and water) with 7 day programmer (time/temperature)
Time/temperature control of electric immersion (where applicable).
1 additional heating zone – OR installation of sufficient Thermostatic radiator valves.

Larger grants are also available to help with home insulation – for example – as much as €6000 towards external insulation on a detached house.

Grants towards these eco friendly features are available from The Better Energy scheme . Run by theSustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).

The insulation and heating control grants are only available on homes built and occupied before 2006.

The solar panel and heat pump grants are only available on homes built and occupied before 2011.

Q) Why choose us?

A) We are an honest, hard working company that works hard for the most important people to us – our customers. No hidden fees or last minute pricing. We like to keep a personal touch on how we do business and think it is important to bring every one of our customers on our journey into a better and more sustainable future.