Which Energycore Heating System Is Right For Me?

In Ireland, the majority of Houses built before 2008 have a standard efficiency oil boiler, made of mild steel and which runs to 80-90 degrees in temperature. Running mild steel at a lower temperature causes the inside of the boiler to corrode because it starts to condense, and leads to rust

So when people lower down the temperature of their boiler to save money they are actually causing more damage, so it actually has the opposite effect. As a result, these old boilers are no longer manufactured

Energycore boilers can run at lower temperatures because they are made of stainless steel, and can comfortably run at a 60-70 degree temperature, so there is no damage to the boiler. Saving that 10-20 degrees every time the boiler is turned on can add up to great monetary savings, whilst the heat levels in your home are maintained (and often improved)