HOME HEATING: Getting into the Zone

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What is zoned heating?

Traditional home heating systems distribute the same amount of heat through all the radiators in the house but zoned heating allows greater control of temperature to individual areas or rooms within the home. Zoning your home also separates your domestic hot water from your heating system water, allowing you to have one button for heating your hot water and one button for your central heating independently. This works really well for summer months and being able to heat your hot water from your boiler without your heating system being on which is much more affordable.

Benefits of a zoned heating system in your home

1. Energy savings

Zoning your home puts you back in control of how you heat your home with the latest time/temperature technology. You can save up to as much as 50% on your heating and hot water bills by controlling what time and what temperature you heat your hot water and heating system to.
Many central heating systems direct the same amount of heating throughout the home resulting in energy wastage as some rooms (such as bedrooms) don’t require higher temperatures during the day etc. This can save you energy and lower your heating bills.

2. More comfort

With zoned heating you can control the temperature in the specific areas of the house at the time when you will be using it.

3. Increased lifespan of heating system

Traditional single-zone heating systems have to work harder when heating your home, especially when delivering heat to colder rooms. With zoned heating there is less wear and tear and strain on the system which means your central heating system lasting years longer.

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