Solar Panel Systems

Solar energy is the largest source of renewable energy in the world, providing us with more energy than all the reserves of fossil fuels combined. It is available every day, and as it is limitless we cannot run out of it. Even in Ireland, where the weather is often changeable and we don’t “see” the sun, we can still harness it’s energy.

For domestic homeowners the cost of installing solar panel systems has fallen dramatically over the last few years, and not only has it become much more affordable, the savings that can be made when compared to other sources of domestic energy sources such as oil, gas and electricity can really make a huge difference to your ongoing household budget.

A government grant of €1,200 towards the installation cost of solar panelling, means that Solar Energy is no longer out of reach for regular householders. Now, is the time to take advantage of these great incentives and savings on offer.

We have developed the certified Energycore Solar Panel System in association with Kingspan to meet the needs of the majority of Irish homeowners, whether you live in a 3 bed-semi in a housing estate, or you have a bungalow in the countryside.

The Energy Solar Panel System consists of 40 tubes, in two panels, which can be installed on the roof of your home, causing minimal disruption to your household.

Energycore Solar Panel System – Call now for the best deal on pricing and installation.