Stay ‘Flush’ this Valentines: How to Save on Heat and Money

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Things are really hottin’ up – flowers bought, romantic meal booked. After a wonderful night, you both come home, prepare for a cosy night-in then suddenly the whole thing ends up a right dampener – because the radiators aren’t working!

It’s a common problem, radiators not heating up, rooms remaining cold despite the heat being on, or a radiator having a cold spot. However, the solution may be simple – your heating system just needs a ‘flush’ out. The most likely issue is sludge in your system that can build up over time and if not cleared can cause long term damage to your boiler.

The best way to tackle sludge build up is to have a professional flush the system. Flushing your heating system every 5 years will – lower heating costs, extend the life of your heating system, heat your radiators faster, balance heat throughout your home and protect your boiler.

If you’re unsure as to when your heating system was last flushed or if it requires a flush there are some tell-tale signs – noisier than usual boiler, water is brown or not clear when bleeding, cold spots on the radiators or slow heating radiators.

Flushing can be done at any time or in conjunction with your annual boiler service.

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Happy Valentines from all at Energycore.

(Energycore are RGII certified who work with gas, oil and solid fuel heating systems).